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The Monster Of Frankenstein – Volume 01 Issue 03

My Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“The Monster’s Revenge!”

The Artic Sea – 1898, just hours beforehand Captain Robert Walton IV was relaying the story of Victor Von Frankenstein and his Monster to his crew when a violent storm overtook Walton’s ship. As the freighter rocked back and forth violently against the  ever-building waves, the ship’s crew were unaware of the event unfolding in the cargo hold below decks. The frozen monster of Frankenstein had awakened after thawing from his icy tomb.

With the ship taking on more and more water, the Monster awoke to the sounds of desperate men yelling over the deafening rainstorm outside. Walton’s crew ran like unhinged Devils from one end of the ship to the other trying desperately to secure the ship,  but it was all in vain. Frankenstein’s monster picked this time to make his escape!

The rage filled monster began his attack upon the now sinking vessel. The captain quickly ordered his men to abandon ship as the foolish ones tried to kill the monster with random weapons picked up from the disheveled decking. Seeing there was no chance for survival, the monster dove over the railing into the freezing waters below.

With most of Walton’s crew packed into the Lifeboat, the men begin to squabble over their choices. Do they hold out for rescue, or follow the monster’s example and die quickly in the frozen depths below. Before the captain could respond to his weak minded crew, a large gray hand reached out from under the darkened waves and grasped the side of the boat. It was the monster! He had survived!

Will Robert Walton IV and his loyal first mate Canute convince the monster to complete the epic tale of master and monster? Can the monster of Frankenstein gain revenge for his murdered bride? Does Victor Von Frankenstein save his new bride from a lifetime of fear? Collect the series to find out!

Reviewer Notes

What a ride this issue was. The ups, the downs, the mental illness. The first three issues of this series has been the story of a monster losing his innocents at the hand of madmen and their bigotry. The monster did not ask to be born. He had only one simple request, make him a bride. Loneliness is a pain far worse than anything hell can muster!

 Out of the three series (Tomb of Dracula,  Werewolf By Night, and The Monster Of Frankenstein) this is hands down my favorite. If you are a fan of newer comics, prepaid to do some reading, as modern comics have deteriorated in reading level. And let’s not forget Ploog!.

Mike Ploog was Marvel’s golden boy back in the early 1970s. He is my favorite bronze age horror artist. He had a hand in all the monster titles. If you can swing it, definitely collect this series, or find the omnibus. It’s well worth the cost. I’m giving issue number three five out of five stars.



[alphonse frankenstein], [bride of frankenstein], [canute], [captain robert walton iv], [devil], [elizabeth lavenza-frankenstein], [frankenstein], [frankenstein’s monster], [god], [henry clerval], [landlady], [robert walton], [robert walton’s crew], [sean], [sean farrell], [the saints], [victor von frankenstein], [villagers], [william frankenstein], [yahweh]


[gary friedrich – writer], [mary shelley – writer]


[mike ploog – penciller]




[charlotte jetter – letterer]

Cover Artist(s)

[mike ploog – cover artist]


[roy thomas – editor], [roy thomas – editor in chief]

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